Fundraising Information

Fundraising is in addition to your registration for the run. First thing’s first, though — you must sign up to participate in our event! There are 2 sign up options:

1) Register via

2) Download the registration form and mail to:

Jubilee Run
P.O. Box 20321
Montgomery, AL 36120

As part of your sign-up on, you can choose to fundraise from there. However, if you don’t want to use to fundraise, or you didn’t sign up on Active, you still have 2 awesome options:

1) Visit the Relay for Life Event Page to start fundraising.
Note: There’s a separate Relay for Life Event on May 5th, 2018. Make sure you’re fundraising for the Jubilee Run event.

2) Fundraise the old-fashioned way! Ask friends and family in person, host different fundraisers —bake sales, car washes, etc. — or do a mail campaign. Once you’ve raised those funds, mail them to Jubilee Run, PO Box 20321, Montgomery, AL 36021.


Any checks should be made out to The American Cancer Society (Or ACS).
Be sure to enclose your personal information and team information (if applicable) so we can make certain you receive the proper credit. Please, do not mail cash. If you have cash to turn in, we ask you purchase a money order made out to The American Cancer Society (Or ACS).

If you are an INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT and choose to use the Relay for Life website to fundraise:

Use this link:
Locate the Combat Cancer Jubilee Run team name and click on “join,” then follow the instructions.

This offers you the opportunity to do online fundraising, with the ability to create your own personal fundraising page, personalize it as you wish, send emails, follow ups, etc. It’s a great tool!


If you are a TEAM PARTICIPANT and choose to use the Relay for Life website to fundraise:

The team captain must sign up first. Use this link:

Click on “Sign Up”. On the next page, they will ask if you’ve participated in Relay before. If yes, you can click on the link where asks if you are a returning participant. Follow from there. If you’ve never participated in Relay for Life, complete the “create an account” section and follow from there. When you add your team name, please add /Jubilee to the end of the name so we can identify your team as part of our event and make sure you receive the proper credit towards our Top Fundraising Team Award.

Once the team has been created, each member will follow the instructions given in the “Individuals” section above, except they’ll join your team instead of Jubilee Run Team.

The award for the Top Fundraising Team will be decided “per capita,” meaning there is no minimum or maximum limit to the number of members on your team. Your total fundraising amount will be divided by the number of members on the team. The highest “per capita” average for our event wins.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Team members do not have to choose the same race as the team captain. This is a fantastic compromise in situations where the team captain may choose to run the 8K, but other adults or families with kids need the slower race option.


If you have any issues with the Relay for Life website, please contact American Cancer at 1-800-ACS-2345, Option #2.

Other questions or problems? Contact us at or (334) 558-6587.