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Asset Management

Jubilee Asset Management Ltd (JAML) focuses on providing fund management and investment advisory products.

Jubilee Asset Management Ltd (JAML)

Jubilee Asset Management is a premier investment and asset manager focusing on providing fund management and investment advisory products and services to institutional retail clients. It is wholly owned subsidiary of Jubilee Holdings Ltd, East Africa’s largest insurance group and is licensed and regulated by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA).


JAML is a specialist Investment Manager, providing access to major asset classes,
across the East Africa Region. JAML provides its clients with customised solutions to their investment needs with a long-term view of giving them value for money. JAML seeks to leverage on the team’s experience to deliver superior returns to its customers.


JAML adopts a top-down approach to investment management, that seeks to use fundamental, quantitative and qualitative research processes to support a framework that allows us to identify and maximise value. We believe a balance between risk and return parameters is critical in enhancing and safeguarding value for our clients. We believe that long term sustainable performance can be achieved through strategic asset allocation that is aligned to specific stringent risk controls that will result in growth of the portfolio over the long run.