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Family Physician Program

Welcome to Jubilee Health’s Family Physician Program, your comprehensive and personalized healthcare solution designed to provide our clients with comprehensive and personalized healthcare solutions focusing on wellness and positive health outcomes.

What we offer

Through this program, clients will enjoy convenient and accessible options while being paired with a designated family doctor as their first point of care.
Our program offers a range of convenient and accessible options, including;

1. Personalized Healthcare:

  • Designated family doctor as the first point of care coordinating all aspects of healthcare.
  • Personalized attention and consistency in follow-up.

2. Convenient Access to Care:

  • Undergo scheduled personalized health check ups followed up with a clear health management plan to help meet your personal health goals.
  • Promptly receive prescribed medicine at home, work or other specified convenient location.
  • Skip hospital waiting times through virtual and in-person appointments with your personal doctor.

3. Focus on Wellness and Positive Health Outcomes:

  • Proactive care of chronic diseases leading to better health and a chance at reversal of chronic diseases.
  • Holistic integrated approach to healthcare including mental, diet and lifestyle management among others.

What’s More


Through the use of a cost-effective referral network, we ensure you receive optimal value for your healthcare needs. With consultant specialist links to various hospital facilities, you can enjoy seamless care from the same doctor who knows your medical history.

Our program’s holistic approach to healthcare works with you to develop a personalized plan that addresses your unique needs and goals, ensuring you receive personalized attention and consistency in follow-up.


Join “Your Family’s Circle of Care” today and receive the care and attention you and your family need to live your best life!


Benefits at a Glance

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Personalized Healthcare

Jubilee Insurance

Focus on Wellness and Positive Health Outcomes

Jubilee Insurance

Convenient Access to Care

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