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Group Life Policy

This is a type of life insurance in which a single contract covers an entire group of people. The policy owner is an employer or an entity such as a labor organisation.

What we offer

This insurance cover pays a lump sum in the event that a member of the scheme dies while in service of the employer or to a member of a covered affinity group. The lump sum is usually a multiple of the member’s salary or a fixed amount. Group term coverage remains in force until your employment is terminated or until the specific term of coverage ends.


Benefits at a glance

Jubilee Insurance

Efficient fund management

Jubilee Insurance

Ease of premium payment

Jubilee Insurance

Member coverage by default

Jubilee Insurance

Death and disability cover

Jubilee Insurance

No waiting period

Life happens so get life insurance. Our job is to help you choose the right insurance cover for you so that you may Live Free!