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Is your busy lifestyle inhibiting your wellness?

Is your busy lifestyle inhibiting your wellness?

Our busy modern lifestyles are often at odds with our aspirations to achieve wellness through good nutrition and exercise. Convenience and limited time to exercise and prepare meals, or dislike of food preparation and cooking, shape many people’s lifestyles today. Time is an important factor whether we choose to prepare healthy meals, order take-away, pick fast foods or eat snacks instead of meals.

Due to the nature of our work, we sometimes end up skipping meals as our heads are deeply buried in the massive work-load, fighting to achieve set turnaround times and achieve our deliverables. Many of us just buy a snack, say a piece of chapati or mandazi, to eat with the 3 o’clock tea and that would be lunch.

And to the single young colleagues who live by themselves, cooking at home is so tasking that they resign to buy fast foods for supper. Some just have a cup of tea with two slices of bread, and go to bed. Unfortunately, there’s no proper breakfast to compensate for this. And the circle continues.

Eventually, you will find a group of unhealthy people, in the sense that they either do not eat healthy foods in preference for fast foods high in fat, sugar and calories. The other lot does not eat at all. Either condition coupled with lack of exercise, not getting enough sleep, stress and depression and lack of good social life, you end up with staff who are working hard to deliver but forget to take care of themselves.

So, we should all take a pause and look at ourselves holistically. Just like we take good care of our cars, ensuring we add fuel, some oil, water, check tire pressure and so on, our bodies do need proper care. Whatever we are chasing may end up being illusions we cannot attain if we are not in perfect health and physical condition. You can only deliver the best service if you are in perfect shape, right…

By Jubilee Insurance