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Importance of Health Insurance

What is your greatest asset?

If you ask most people this question, their minds will run through their possessions – land, vehicles, buildings et al – and give you the value.

Unknown to majority of us, your greatest asset is your health. It is so great that there is no price tag attached to it.

While most of us will say that the statement “You are just one disease away from poverty” is cliché, it is sadly true. The moment your health starts deteriorating, it’s just a matter of time before you liquidate all your assets in search of health restoration.

That said, it is paramount to ensure you protect your greatest asset as much as possible, and this is where health insurance comes in handy.

Most people, when considering the purchase of health insurance will look back and think they don’t need it since they haven’t fallen sick in the last, say two years or so. Health insurance will thus appear as an unnecessary expense, and they would rather spend that money enjoying some Nyama Choma and a cold beer.

Diseases and accidents do not have a schedule

Having been healthy in the last three (3) years and visiting no health facility is no guarantee that the coming months will be just as healthy. Diseases and accidents have no schedule and can strike at any time, catching you flat-footed.

A great example is the COVID-19 pandemic, which struck and affected humanity across all spheres of life. The affected people underwent untold anguish with those who had pre-existing conditions suffered double tragedy.

While nobody can plan for a tragedy or a disease, we can all plan for a proper health insurance cover and purchase it in advance, giving us the much-needed peace of mind as we run our day-to-day activities.

Regular Medical Check-Ups

Perhaps one of the wrong assumptions people make when considering health insurance is that it can only be used when one has fallen ill. The fact is, with health insurance, you can get regular medical check-ups (cost covered by your provider).

This can help find potential health issues before they become a problem. If not treated early enough, they may end up costing a lot of money to treat, or ultimately costing a life. Day in day out we hear of thousands of cases of conditions that are diagnosed late, and doctors have to play catch up, trying to contain them. Early detection gives you the best chance of getting the right treatment quickly, avoiding any complications.

Take care of yourself, and your loved ones too

With good health insurance cover in place, you can take care of yourself and your loved ones too. I don’t think there’s a better way of expressing love than this. Have comfort knowing that, should a disease or tragedy strike, all will be taken care of, without the need to call friends and relatives to help you raise money for medical treatment.

Health insurance is way cheaper than the cost of treatment of thousands of diseases and conditions. As you plan your budget and make resolutions, be sure to have health insurance at the top of your list.

Protect your most valuable asset!!

By Jubilee Insurance